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Vader's castle was Darth Vader's main private residence. It was located nearby the Imperial Palace on Coruscant. Though it was smaller than the Imperial Palace, Vader's castle was architecturally an imposing structure, with broad, dark towers, jagged vertical walls, and narrow-slit windows.


Vader's private quarters were located deep within the castle, behind blast doors and other security features. A small command center was close at hand, through which Vader could keep in touch with the rest of the galaxy. The castle also held Vader's training chambers, a combat arena in which he could practice his lightsaber combat skills against modified ASP-19 battle droids, and a docking bay for his personal shuttle.


The structure was built under orders of Emperor Palpatine after the construction and expansion of the Imperial Palace was completed.

In 3 ABY, Vader met with Imperial spy Jix and his Noghri bodyguard Kohvrekhar here.

Second castleEdit

Another castle belonging to Darth Vader was located on the planet Vjun and can be visited in the game Star Wars: Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy.



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