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"Open fire!"
―The Trandoshan Garnac before Vadoo's death[src]

Vadoo[2] was a bald, male Sakiyan who was abducted by a group of Trandoshan hunters during the Clone Wars between the Galactic Republic and the Confederacy of Independent Systems. After being captured, Vadoo was transported on board a starship to the moon Wasskah, where he and the other prisoners on the transport were released onto a beach. Vadoo and the others attempted to flee their captors, but the Trandoshan Lo-Taren opened fire with ship's weaponry and killed Vadoo.[1]

Behind the scenesEdit

Vadoo first appeared in "Padawan Lost," the twenty first episode of the canon animated series Star Wars: The Clone Wars' third season,[1] which originally aired on April 1, 2011. The character went unnamed during his appearance on the show but was identified by the accompanying episode guide published on "Padawan Lost"'s original script had Vadoo escape the beach and team up with two other survivors, Katt Mol and a hunter named Simna, in an attempt to survive. The footage was shot, but cut for time, removing Simna from the episode all together.[2]



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