The Vain Goddess was a female deity of the Stellan mythology. She was believed to incite the galaxy to unending war through a song of bloodshed, and the Stellan used to exile those who were deemed a danger to others in order to repel her influence.[1]

In the book, The Last Days of Arhul Hextrophon, Master Historian Arhul Hextrophon states that the Vain Goddess and Onrai are galactically ubiquitous and recognized as the same entity appearing in multiple cultures. Additionally Hextrophon speculates on a connection between the Lady with the Locust Heart worshipped by the Cult of the Five. Rumors circulating at the time connected the Vain Goddess to the Goddess of the Pius Dea, as adherents on ancient Drogheda preformed a blood ritual in devotion to the Vain Goddess. He further draws connections between Onrai and the Scorekeeper, the Dancing Goddess, but admitted more studies would need to be conducted before conclusive evidence could be presented.[2]



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