"Vaius Antinus was a meticulous record-keeper. These are the genealogies of all the great Sith of his days."
Talos Drellik[src]

Vaius Antinus was a male record-keeper who lived circa 5000 BBY. He was a contemporary of several Sith Lords such as Tulak Hord and Aloysius Kallig. In those days, bloodlines were regarded as very important, and Antinus recorded the genealogies of the greatest Sith Lords of his time. Following his passing, he was buried on the Core World of Alderaan, a fact that was well known to later archeologists. During his life, Antinus had also trained an apprentice whose name had been lost to history by the time of the Cold War. Given that both the Reclamation Service of the Sith Empire and members of the Jedi Order took an interest in the tomb of Antinus's apprentice on Aduba-6, it is probable that the record-keeper was in some way affiliated with the Sith or the Jedi.[1]

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