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A valachord was type of musical instrument, played by tapping on keys. The tone of the keys could be described as "a melodious tone tinged with a faint mechanical susurrus behind it.[1] Tobias Beckett told Han Solo that he was going to return to his homeworld, Glee Anselm, to learn playing Valachord as he told Val on Vandor-1.[2] The family of Temmin Wexley owned a valachord. Temmin played old miner songs such as "The Shanty of Cart and Cobble" on it with his father, Brentin, prior to his mother Norra's departure from Akiva to fight in the Alliance to Restore the Republic. Later, Temmin repurposed the valachord so that playing a particular five notes would open a secret passageway from his shop's basement to passages underneath the city of Myrra.[1]

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Concept art for Solo: A Star Wars Story depicted a Gran playing a valachord in Fort Ypso.[3]



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