The Valarian Strategic Command Bunker was a structure on Tatooine used by Lady Valarian's gang to plan actions against Jabba the Hutt and other enemies. It was located between the Western Dune Sea and the Lowland Basin, northeast of the town of Wayfar and Jabba's Palace. Sometime following the Battle of Yavin in 0 BBY, Jabba sent a spacer to the bunker to eliminate Valarian's command staff. Among those killed in the raid were weaponsmith Arkahn Greystar, slicer Iris Tanada Sinclair, warlord Careem, tactician Fnast Drexler, and assassin Emanon. Among the base's occupants were a number of Valarian's armored command enforcers. The spacer succeeded and was rewarded by Jabba.



The conference room in the Strategic Command Bunker

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