"Besides, Commander Valent was conspiring with Loring–we cannot stand any more needless fractures in this, and he was too stubborn to be brought into the fold. Not to mention incompetent."
Fleet Admiral Gallius Rax[src]

Valent was a male human officer who served in the Imperial Navy during the reign of the Galactic Empire. At the beginning of his military career, Valent attended the officers' academy on Uyter, along with Kenner Loring. By the late Galactic Civil War, Valent had attained the rank of commander and commanded the Star Destroyer Scythe. Valent refused to accept Fleet Admiral Gallius Rax's de facto control of the fragmented Empire after the battle of Endor, instead conspiring with his opponent, the now-Grand General Loring, entrenched on Malastare. Because of this, Rax fed the New Republic the location of his Star Destroyer, allowing them to destroy it and eliminate another rival to his power.[1]


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