"Why of all worlds is he on Vallt? You realize Vallt has gone over to the Separatists?"
"I do. But Vallt was a Republic member world when Dr. Erso agreed to oversee Zerpen's onworld facility. A deal was cut with Vallt's former leadership that allowed for mining and construction in return for a very generous aid package."
Mas Amedda and Orson Krennic[src]

Vallt was a planet located in the Outer Rim Territories that was the homeworld of the Valltii and Taqwa species, also the birthplace of Jyn Erso. Vallt was a cold world, with half the planet covered in glacial ice. The climate was often snowy and windy and quite inhospitable to off-worlders.[1]

Galen Erso and his team were working on Vallt for Zerpen Industries when the Vallt government was overthrown in a coup by those sympathetic to the Separatist movement. The planet thus shifted from being a Galactic Republic aligned planet to a Separatist one during this period.[1]


Vallt as a member of the RepublicEdit

"I can only wonder what Count Dooku offered Vallt's new leadership. Perhaps he promised to tug this world a bit closer to your star."
"Trade, respect, fair representation in the Confederacy. All that we weren't receiving as a member of the Republic.
―Galen Erso and Chieftain Gruppe, after Phara's coup[src]

The Outer Rim snow planet of Vallt had been a member world of the Galactic Republic for years before the Clone Wars. While it was a member it did not receive much trade or respect from the government, and also lacked a fair representation in the Republic. For around a decade, Vallt's representatives brought this to the attention to the Republic, but this did not change their status. During his time as Chair of the Senate, Mas Amedda served on a committee with Vallt representatives, but did not grant them the support they wished.[1]

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