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"Space station Valor, this is Colonel Meebur Gascon. Can anyone hear me?"
Meebur Gascon[src]

Valor was a space station based in the Carida system orbiting the planet Carida during the Clone Wars. Valor housed the Republic strategy conference, where high-ranking officers in the Grand Army of the Republic, including the Jedi High Council, would meet to discuss the ongoing war.


During the Clone Wars, the star base hosted a Republic Navy strategy conference. During the conference, the station was targeted by the Confederacy of Independent Systems, who filled a derelict Republic Venator-class Star Destroyer with explosives and sent the ship through hyperspace to destroy the station. The members of D-Squad, a covert droid Republic military unit lead by Colonel Meebur Gascon, found themselves on board the deserted cruiser after traveling from the planet Abafar.[2]

Behind the scenesEdit

According to Insider 138 the station's design was based on the station featured in Disney's Star Tours: The Adventures Continue ride.


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