"Not possible. I mean, I'm not a scientist or anything, but those navicomputers are shielded like a Valorsian harem against every kind of solar flare and gamma particle for just that reason, but when I was in the game there were always rumors about either the Imps or some one of the big smuggler chiefs figuring out a way to do that."
―Han Solo[src]

Valorsi was a planet located within the Valorsi system of the Juvex sector in the Mid Rim.[1] Its native inhabitants, who came from many species, were known as Valorsians. Spacers told rumors of the pleasure world, which was said to have something to please even the most depraved lusts. The world's harems, where beings of both sexes and of innumerable species were kept and carefully bred for their beauty, were whispered about in taverns across the galaxy.[3] Valorsian harems were rumored to be carefully guarded.[4] Only high-ranking nobles from the Senex and Juvex houses and their attendants could travel to the world.[3]

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The Valorsians are mentioned in a comment by Han Solo in Planet of Twilight, a novel by Barbara Hambly, first published in 1997. From the context, it is unclear whether "Valorsian" refers to a sentient species, a planet (much like "Corellian" or "Hapan"), or some other organization. The Essential Atlas, by Dan Wallace and Jason Fry, clarifies that the term refers to the world Valorsi, whose populace is composed of sentients from many species.[3]



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