The Valorum was a Victory-class Star Destroyer in the Confederation Fleet. It was originally commissioned during the final days of the Old Republic.[1]

The Valorum was present during "negotiations" between the second fleet of the Galactic Alliance and some of the oldest and most run-down units of the Confederation fleet, most of which were also commissioned during the Clone Wars. As part of an elaborate ploy to kill Jacen Solo and destroy a large segment of the Alliance fleet, the Valorum was sent to a deep space rendezvous with Solo's flagship, the Anakin Solo, to discuss terms for a surrender. In truth, the operation was simply an effort to bring Jacen Solo into the open and kill him using the recently operational Centerpoint Station.

The Alliance fleet, led by Colonel/Joint Chief-of-State Jacen Solo, and the Confederation fleet, led by the Valorum's Captain Hoclaw, engaged in a battle. Almost all of the ships on both sides were destroyed when Centerpoint Station was fired. While the Anakin Solo escaped, and most of the starfighters managed to avoid the hypergravity blast, the Valorum and the other aged vessels were destroyed, as well as the Galactic Alliance Second Fleet.


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