"This is the Valsedian asteroid belt. It is a rich trove of ore that can be turned into fuel, armor and weaponry for the war."
―Chancellor Palpatine[src]

The Valsedian asteroid belt was a mineral ore-rich asteroid belt deep within Hutt Space which contained a hidden base owned by the Hutt Cartel. During the Clone Wars, this asteroid belt was suspected to have been sold to the Confederacy of Independent Systems by Torpo the Hutt in breach of the terms of a treaty between the Hutts and the Galactic Republic. The base served as a mining facility where Ugnaught workers processed ore extracted from the asteroids in the belt. The base was guarded by a group of individuals hired by Count Dooku, who had access to everything the facility had to offer, including a wine cellar that contained Ugnaught wine.



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