"Respect Voss."

Vana-Xo was a female Voss Mystic on Voss living during the Galactic War. Proficient in the art of healing, she tended to the injured at the Shrine of Healing. In 3641 BBY Madaga-Ru send the Emperor's Wrath to Vana-Xo so that she could bestow the Blessing of Oneness, required to enter the Dark Heart in the Nightmare Lands. Vana-Xo tried to ask the Sith for a measure of the life force that could be used to heal the injured. The Wrath refused the offer, but received the Blessing nonetheless.

Behind the scenesEdit

The Wrath has 3 options to gain the Blessing of Oneness. They could either accept and offer their strength, or they could offer the strength of a companion, or they could threaten to kill Vana-Xo. Either option will result in the Wrath gaining the blessing.