"I am Lord Hossferin! Of the Vandelae star system Hossferins!"
―Hossferin introduces himself[src]

The Vandelae star system Hossferins were a group based in the Vandelae system. Their members included a Lord Hossferin who traveled to the planet Ktath'atn in 0 ABY in order to gain audience with the world's queen. Upon his arrival he learned that he had missed his chance to speak with her, and after complaining and demanding she see him the lord and his two guards were killed by the queen's lieutenant Bombinax.[1]

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The Vandelae star system Hossferins first appeared in the comic book Star Wars 31: The Screaming Citadel, Part II, which was written by Jason Aaron, illustrated by Salvador Larroca[1] and released on May 17, 2017.[2]


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