(Indeterminate) Vandolae was a Shi'ido and a Senior Anthropologist in the Galactic Empire, employed at a university on Coruscant. He went on an undercover anthropological study on Centares, exploring fringe spacer life in the guise of a spacer named Pyrron Nox, who had given him transport to the world. He was encountered by two friends of the real Pyrron, Gideon and Keeta. Unfortunately, after telling them stories about various shapeshifters, which they had indicated a prejudice against, he made a series of small errors revealing himself to be a shapeshifter himself. Vandolae attempted to use his Shi'ido psionic abilities to erase Gideon's memory, but the spacer's trigger finger was faster, and Vandolae was shot dead.

Ironically, Imperial anthropologist Obo Rin had been seeking Vandolae for information on the Shi'ido, for use in a report to Major Vontenn regarding shapeshifting species. Rin learned Vandolae had been killed shortly thereafter, and found that fact to be indicative of the fact that shapeshifters abilities were limited.