Vandor-3 was the fifth planet in the Coruscant system.


It was a terrestrial world with oceans and a small population. Its capital city was a small industrial town that included a petroleum plant.

In 43 BBY the Tech Raiders, a criminal organization that stole tech equipment and later sold them on the black market relocated their base to Vandor-3.

Vandor-3 served as a training ground for clone troopers during the Clone Wars. For the training ground, a barracks was constructed on the capital's outskirts that could hold 50,000 troopers. One particular exercise involved facing the selenome that inhabited one of the planet's oceans.

Following the Declaration of a New Order, it became part of the Galactic Empire. At some point after the Battle of Endor, Vandor-3 joined the New Republic and later its successor state, the Galactic Federation of Free Alliances.



Notes and referencesEdit

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