"Yes… perfect. I'll build a Vandrayk Generator. It was theorized by Doctor Gorman Vandrayk centuries ago, but never realized."
"As I recall, a Vandrayk Generator runs on a form of energy that doesn't exist."
―Tharan Cedrax and the Barsen'thor[src]

The Vandrayk Generator was a theorized machine first proposed by the Arkanian Gorman Vandrayk during the Old Sith Wars. The Generator was supposed to run on a form of energy which did not exist at the time. Hundreds of years later, during the Cold War, the exo-technologist Tharan Cedrax built a working prototype of the Vandrayk Generator for the Lumenatus Club annual scientific symposium. Knowing that his invention would only work for a minute, after which its invaluable core would burn out, Cedrax dismantled his creation, instead using the generator's core to increase the sentience of his holographic partner Holiday.

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