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"My lord, Director Krennic has arrived."
―Vaneé, to Darth Vader[src]

Vaneé was a human male attendant who served Darth Vader.[1] In 19 BBY, he was stationed on Coruscant and informed Vader that the Imperial Security Bureau had reported an incident in the lower levels of the city.[2] He was later seen in the Sith Lord's castle on the planet Mustafar in 0 BBY, and approached Vader—who was meditating in a rejuvenation chamber—to inform him that Director Orson Krennic had arrived to discuss the Death Star.[1]

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Vaneé was played by Martin Gordon in Rogue One: A Star Wars Story.[1] He was scripted as appearing in Star Wars Rebels Season Four, but as the story concept evolved he was replaced with Veris Hydan.[3]



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