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This article is about the planet Vanqor. You may be looking for the similarly named planet of Vanquo.
"I thought gundarks were only found on Vanqor!"
"Then this system must be Vanqor."
Anakin Skywalker and Obi-Wan Kenobi[src]

Vanqor was the largest planet in the Uziel system. It was located about 6 parsecs away from Florrum.


Vanqor landscape

The rocky landscape of Vanqor

Vanqor, "a large, multicolored planet," had two red moons that orbited in tandem. A "dusty" planet full of deserts, canyons, and highlands, it was primarily populated by Humans as well as wild beasts known as gundarks.[2]

Flanked by dry, high plateaus, Vanqor's cities were mid-size, strung out along its few fertile valleys. Its citizens dressed simply, in gray tunics, and didn't adorn their clothing.

The planet's rugged terrain included a remote area that had been hit by a meteor shower thousands of years in its past: the "Tomo Craters" was the name given to this section of dry land marked by deep craters and fissures. It was also the location of a detention facility—"The Tomo Camp"—which retained prisoners from other worlds in the Uziel system, planets already conquered by Vanqor.

A few years prior to the Clone Wars, Vanqor's rulers began an expansionist enterprise of invasion and conquest that led them to controlling the entire Uziel system, except for the planet Typha-Dor. The Vanqors dominated Uziel airspace.

Despite a lack of resources, Vanqor was able to create a massive amount of power for itself through cunning use of the few resources it did have augmented by skillful conquest of worlds rich with resources—an aggressive enterprise that lay in stark contrast to planets like Typha-Dor and others that had large amounts of resources, but ostensibly no drive to succeed. Vanqor was thus able, through its expansionist policies, to creating booming industries for itself and to achieve a measure of wealth.[2]

In 25 BBY, Anakin Skywalker and Obi-Wan Kenobi, crash-landed on Vanqor with a crew of TY44 surveillance outpost workers—Typha-Dor resistance fighters whom they'd come to rescue. Later, in their investigations of the planet, the Jedi Master-Padawan team fought off a nest of gundarks. By mission's end, the Jedi duo assisted Typha-Dor to fend off invasion by Vanqor and to mediate a peace between the two worlds.

Vanqor was ultimately defeated by strategic maneuvering of the Typha-Dor fleet that allowed it to surround the much larger Vanqor fleet, partially with its own fleet and partly by Typha-Dor's two moons. The Vanqor capitulated without a fight rather than face the destruction of most of their military. A ceasefire was worked out with mediation from the two Jedi.

Around this time, Jenna Zan Arbor hid on Vanqor while experimenting with her new drug, the Zone of Self-Containment. The deranged scientist was the driving force behind the Tomo Camp "sweeps" and the drugging "experiments" conducted upon its prisoners. Imprisoned Jedi Anakin Skywalker—"Prisoner 42601"—was one of her drugged victims.[2]

Early in the Clone Wars, Kenobi and Skywalker accidentally returned to the planet while pursuing the Separatist leader, Count Dooku. They crash-landed on a desolate plain, and were attacked by a female gundark while tracking Dooku through a cave. Though nearly suffocating from a poisonous gas, the duo were saved by Ahsoka Tano and a detachment of clone troopers. Dooku slipped away from them by hitching a ride with a Weequay pirate gang who had landed to scavenge his crashed solar sailer.


A pair of Gundarks prowling the surface of Vanqor

Later, contact with the Venator-class Star Destroyer Endurance under the command of Admiral Shoan Kilian was lost as the vessel violently entered into the atmosphere of Vanqor following the sabotage of the engines by Boba Fett after his failed attempt on High Jedi General Mace Windu's life to get vengeance for Windu's killing of Boba's "father", Jango Fett at the First Battle of Geonosis. While the crew evacuated the ship, Kilian remained onboard in the belief that an admiral must go down with his ship.

Jedi Knight Anakin Skywalker and Jedi Master Mace Windu descended to the planet in Jedi starfighters to look for survivors. However, the surviving crew had been slaughtered and the officers, including Admiral Shoan Kilian, taken prisoner by Boba Fett and his company of bounty hunters. Boba rigged his father's helmet on the bridge of the downed cruiser with a bomb inside it, and Skywalker and Windu were trapped under debris by the resulting explosion. Thanks to the efforts of Skywalker's astromech droid, R2-D2, the two were rescued by Ahsoka Tano and Plo Koon, summoned from the Jedi Temple. Boba and his retinue, however, got away with the hostages aboard Slave I.

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