Varadan was a desert mining world located in the Senex sector of the Mid Rim.


Varadan's close proximity to its twin suns made a very harsh desert environment on its surface; however, its rich abundance in mineral resources made it a prized mining planet to the House Petro, and by reputation, was one of the harshest worlds for slave labor in the Senex and Juvex.


Originally, due to the harsh conditions upon the slaves of Varadan, the Darparu Water Federation, which had supplied water to the House Petro mining facilities on Jalarren, refused to supply water to the house until such working conditions were stopped. Eventually Seafon Galeel, the current head of the Federation, realized that the elongated conflict, which had become violent at times, did more harm than good to the slave labor force on Varadan, so by 24 BBY, the conflict was ceased, and the mines of Varadan were supplied with an abundance of fresh water, slightly improving the working conditions due to available rationing.