Vardos was a planet located in the Jinata system that was home to Iden Versio and Garrick Versio.[1] It was described as an "Imperial utopia."[3] The planet was notable for its diversity and loyalty, with even the planet's many alien inhabitants expressing faith in the Empire. [2]

Following the Battle of Endor, Vardos was one of the first targets of Operation: Cinder, and saw the defection of Inferno Squad against the Empire. [2]

By 34 ABY, Vardos was controlled by the First Order and ruled by Protectorate Gleb who, with the help of the local Jinata Security Forces, was overseeing the process of rebuilding the planet, with the capital Kestro still uninhabited. Following the murder of Gleb by First Order Commander Gideon Hask and the First Order's attempt to put the planet under their direct rule, the Jinata Security Forces rebelled against the First Order.[2]

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Behind the scenesEdit

The planet was revealed at Star Wars Celebration Orlando 2017.[4]



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