Archregent Vardovin IV, the "Lost King of Duro" was a name that was given to a mummified Duros. Thousands of years after the Duros' death, the corpse came into the possession of a Ryn merchant, who sold the cadaver to the Snivvian Goontirk. While the Snivvian was uncertain as to whether the mummy was authentic, he believed that even if fake, the mummy would be an interesting curiosity for him to carry aboard his freighter, the Madman's Fortune. However, unknown to Goontirk, the mummy contained more than a dozen skekfish eggs and while the Madman's Fortune was passing through the Engebo system, the mummy's plasteel coffin cracked open and the skekfish eggs hatched. The creatures subsequently devoured Goontirk.


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