"You were hired to protect me! Your job was to help me escape from this overbuilt rock! Is this what you call escape?"
―Varesk Bura'lya to Jax Pavan[src]

Varesk Bura'lya was a male Bothan undersecretary who worked for the Bothan embassy on the planet Coruscant. Shortly after the formation of the Empire, he feared for his life and contacted the resistance movement Whiplash seeking help for safe passage offworld.

Bura'lya was escorted by former Jedi Jax Pavan and his crew which consisted of I-Five, Den Dhur and Laranth Tarak. During his extraction, their group was ambushed by a squad of stormtroopers in their final checkpoint. A brief shootout ensued where everyone from their group emerged relatively unharmed, with exception to Bura'lya who fainted and lost control of his bladder.

They eventually made it to the rendezvous point and he boarded the freighter Big Score.


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