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"Rookies. Just great. Guess every other trooper is out there somewhere doing the Republic's dirtywork."
―Commander Vargus[src]

"Vargus" was the nickname of a clone trooper commander during the Clone Wars. Leader of Excelsior Company, the clone unit eliminated droid forces—under the command of Confederate General Grievous—on the ice planet of Ando Prime.

Vargus shaved his head bald and bore a scar across the bridge of his nose. The armor he wore displayed orange markings and was adorned with a grey command sash across his chest. Strict and intense, Vargus was critical toward rookie troopers but overall a fair leader, never holding back praise where it was due. He was also intelligent and practical in his tactics. Vargus was also rather cynical, thinking little of his position as a clone, believing he and the others to be expendable troops bred to do the Galactic Republic's dirty work. When asked what would happen if he and his men were to die, Vargus replied simply, "They'll just make more of us."


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