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"We really going in there, sir?"
"We have our orders, Private. Ours is not to question but to obey."
"They say the tombs drive people who aren't Force sensitive insane. I've heard the other squads are still down there, howling mad and killing each other."
"Those men didn't have proper protection. Lord Renning has assured me that these new stimulants will protect us from the tomb's effects."
"That's what they said about the aural bands. And the implants…"
―Private Cote questions Sergeant Varless[src]

Varless was a male Human who served as a sergeant for the Sith Empire during the Cold War. His unit was tasked with securing the Lower Wilds on the planet Korriban, though his subordinate Private Cote feared they would be overtaken by madness like the previous squads sent into the tombs.[1]


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