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Vashka was a planet in the galaxy. It was covered in trees and mountains, with small towns dotting the edge of the planet's seas. In its prehistory, it hosted a variety of megafauna, before they were hunted to extinction for the safety of the sentient inhabitants. However, one creature, the Vashkan apidactyl, could not be completely exterminated despite the locals' best efforts. Much of its formerly-hazardous forest was replaced with even rows of ferns, palm trees, and sunburst flowers. The planet had only one large metropolis, Vashka City.


After the downfall of the Galactic Empire, many former stormtroopers, shell-shocked from the war, required a safe haven to live the rest of their lives. The New Republic catered to this request by purchasing large swaths of land on planets in the Outer Rim to build retirement facilities. Vashka Valley Retirement Facility 48 was one such facility, before it was infested by a hive of deadly Vashkan apidactyls and much of its staff was evacuated.[1]

Bazine Netal, a bounty hunter from the planet Chaaktil, was given a mission to retrieve a case belonging to Jor Tribulus, a former stormtrooper captain, who had resided in Retirement Facility 48 before being killed by apidactyls.[1]


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