Vashkan apidactyls, also called dacs for short, were a species of giant, winged insects that hailed from the warm planet of Vashka. They were the size of a small humanoid, had an armor-like chitinous exoskeleton, two sets of wings, and venomous stingers. They were eusocial insects who lived in towering communal hives, and they were aggressive toward intruders. Apidactyls secreted a heavy golden wax with which they built the hexagonal, thin-walled cells of their hives.[1]

When the New Republic built treatment centers for injured troopers on Vashka, most of planet's megafauna was cleared out to ensure the safety of its new inhabitants. Although they burned many hives and spread poison, the New Republic did not manage to completely eradicate the apidactyls.[1]


Notes and referencesEdit

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