"Commander Vasil Dorne, special attache to the Ministry of Intelligence. I have twenty years' combat experience plus twelve as a garrison commander. I've spent the last decade schooling Intelligence operatives. You will listen when I speak."
―Vasil Dorne[src]

Vasil Dorne was a Human male who served the Imperial Military of the Sith Empire for over four decades. Born over twenty years before the Great Galactic War with the Sith Empire, Dorne married and had two children, Aleksei and Elara, by the end of the war. Later in his career, Dorne was promoted from garrison commander to the position of special attache to the Ministry of Intelligence and served as a instructor for Imperial Intelligence operatives.


A Human male, Vasil Dorne was born to the prestigious Dorne family in the Sith Empire around 3703 BBY, approximately twenty years before the beginning of the Great Galactic War. He followed his family's traditions enlisted in the Imperial Military in 3685 BBY, and fought in the war against the Galactic Republic for twenty years until he was promoted to garrison commander in 3665 BBY, the same year he and his wife had their second child Elara. In 3653 BBY, when the Treaty of Coruscant ended the war, Dorne was promoted to special attache to the Ministry of Intelligence. He spent the next decade during the Cold War instructing Imperial Intelligence operatives in combat specializations, while his older son Aleksei completed his technical specialization the day that Elara enlisted in 3647 BBY. However, Elara defected from the Empire two years later.


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