Ved Foslo was a male individual who was a native of the planet Coruscant, and son of the Imperial General Foslo. Ved attended the Royal Imperial Academy in the years leading up to the Galactic Civil War. His roommates were Thane Kyrell and Nash Windrider. During his time at the Academy, Foslo was ranked near top of his class, showing an excellence in mechanical expertise. However, he usually fell short of ranking higher in class exercises to Kyrell and another classmate, Ciena Ree, much to his chagrin.[1]

After graduating from the Academy in the weeks prior to the Battle of Yavin, Foslo became a top weapons expert for the Empire. Following the Battle of Jakku, he designed newer weapons systems that were refitted into the Imperial Navy's TIE fighters making them much more powerful than ever before.[1]

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Ved Foslo first appeared in the canon novel Lost Stars, as part of Journey to Star Wars: The Force Awakens, which was written by Claudia Gray and published in 2015. While writing the novel, Gray pictured Foslo as being portrayed by Harry Shum Jr..[2]


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