"Remember the last thing Ved told you. Just stay alive… and all the rest will take care of itself."
―Wyl Tarson, thinking to himself while attempting to escape from Raze.[src]

Ved Tarson was a member of a resistance movement on an unidentified world located in the Outer Rim Territories. He and his younger brother Wyl fought alongside each other against the Galactic Empire as zone runners.


Though little is known about Ved Tarson, one particular incident involving him haunted Wyl for some time to come. A number of years after the fall of the Republic, as they were trying to hold off Juggernauts that were supported by Imperial stormtrooper, one of their fellow zone runners experienced an explosives malfunction. Wyl was thrown by the explosion into the path of one of the Juggernauts that the two brothers had been attacking.

Ved had managed to survive the explosion and rescued Wyl by throwing one of his explosive satchels into the path of the Juggernaut and shielding Wyl from the resulting explosion with his body. Ved survived that explosion, but was knocked off his feet. After being dragged out of the fray by Wyl, Ved was still itching to destroy some more Juggernauts.

As Ved prepared to reenter the fray, his brother noticed that Ved had indeed been damaged by the previous explosion. Ved was bleeding heavily enough that it could be seen soaked through his heavy tunic. Despite Wyl's objections, Ved told his younger brother that they were going to mount another attack on the juggernauts and ordered him to stay close by.

As the juggernauts began to make another pass, Ved began to sprint out towards the machines, beckoning Wyl to follow him. Ved approached the juggernauts, but immediately began to sense that something was wrong. Looking back at their temporary hiding place, he saw that Wyl had not followed. As Ved paused in his run to look back at Wyl, he was caught full on in the chest by a barrage of blaster fire. Stormtroopers began to advance on Ved's body, but Wyl was still too frightened to reenter the battle and fled the scene.

Wyl's cowardice and his implication in Ved's death would haunt him for the rest of his days. During a mission to Ahakista, Wyl was stricken by images of the day of Ved's death, giving him considerable difficulty in completing an attack on the Hub.


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