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"It looks like some kind of primate. A veermok, or close to it. But they're native to Naboo, what's it doing here?"
Milo Graf[src]

Veermoks were a ferocious species of clawed and fanged primates native to the planet of Naboo. A distinct subspecies lived on Eriadu, in the Outer Rim Territories.

Biology and appearanceEdit

Veermoks were a non-sentient species of carnivorous primates[2] that possessed a broad upper torso, long and powerful arms, but comparatively thin hind limbs. They had three-fingered paws tipped in jagged white claws,[1] and a dog-like muzzle containing razor-sharp teeth.[2] Their back and arms were covered in dark brown,[1] woolly fur,[1] but their lower anatomy was hairless.[2] A single specimen had the strength of ten humans.[2]


"Are they aggressive?"
―Lina and Milo Graf[src]

Living in swamps and moist woodlands, veermoks were arboreal creatures. They were also solitary creatures, spending a majority of their lives without others of their kind,[2] and highly aggressive.[1]


Veermoks evolved on Naboo,[1] a bountiful planet situated in the Mid Rim region of the galaxy.[3]

Veermoks in the galaxyEdit

A very distinct subspecies lived on Eriadu, a world of the Outer Rim Territories that was practically galactic neighbor with Naboo. That subspecies differred from the more ordinary veermok both in appearance and social behavior.[2]



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