Veeshas Tuwan was the name of the ancient library of the early Sith Empire. Constructed in the desolate, frozen wastes of Arkania, the wellspring of knowledge served the Empire until the conclusion of the Great Hyperspace War.


As the Sith Empire expanded across the galaxy from Korriban and Ziost, it was determined that a grand library need be built to rival the Great Library of Ossus maintained by the Jedi Order. Selecting the frozen world of Arkania, home to a race with a reputation for mad scientists and genetic engineers, the Empire named their storehouse Veeshas Tuwan and filled its shelves with arcane magics and tools of the dark side of the Force. Sith Lords from across Sith-controlled space visited the complex, building upon the knowledge there and practicing their dark arts in hidden chambers. The library grew so large over the centuries that nobody was able to find what they were looking for.[1]

Veeshas Tuwan met it end at the conclusion of the Great Hyperspace War when Lord Naga Sadow was defeated by the Jedi Order and the Galactic Republic. Discovering the location of the library, the Jedi High Council dispatched a team of Jedi Masters to seek out the library and destroy any relics which could assist in the rebuilding of the Sith Empire. Arriving at Veeshas Tuwan, the Jedi looted the building and confiscated many historical texts before destroying ancient weapons and artifacts. With the library's collection in ruins, the Jedi burned the complex to the ground and left nothing but smoldering ruins. Despite the library's destruction, the Sith would remember their ancient archives for generation to come.[2] The New Sith would come to see the loss of Veeshas Tuwan as one of the costliest losses the Sith had ever taken, as the recovery of so much history was near impossible.[3]


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