The Veila family was a Force-sensitive Human bloodline that included the former Jedi Tahiri Veila. A descendant of one of the last members of the first Jedi Order, Veila's mother and father also possessed a strong affinity to the Force. Ultimately, Veila was trained as a Knight of the New Jedi Order, and by extension, the Galactic Alliance. Her allegiance to the Jedi was severed when she joined the Sith Order as the apprentice of Darth Caedus. After the Dark Lord's death, Veila briefly lived as a bounty hunter before joining the Imperial Remnant.


The first known member of Tahiri Veila's family was her grandfather, a Human male Jedi of the original Jedi Order who lived during the waning years of the Galactic Republic.[1] His lineage was carried on through the union of two moisture farmers, Tryst and Cassa Veila. In 13 ABY, Cassa gave birth to their daughter and only offspring, Tahiri, whom they raised on their moisture farm while living in the Outer Rim planet of Tatooine.[2]

Both Tryst and Cassa were killed in 15 ABY by a group of Tusken Raiders, unaware of the fact that they had nursed one of their own back to health. Sliven, the Tusken Raider whom the Veilas helped, saved the orphaned Tahiri from the Sand People by adopting her as his own daughter. Veila remained with the Sand People until 22 ABY when she was discovered and recruited into the New Jedi Order.[2] Trained in the Jedi Arts by Master Ikrit,[11] Veila eventually became a Jedi like her grandfather before her, thus wielding the Force in the service of the New Republic[3] and its successor state, the Galactic Alliance.[8]

Ultimately, Veila renounced her ties to the Jedi and her family's legacy in order to become a Sith. Falling to the seduction of the dark side of the Force, she became the apprentice of Darth Caedus, the Dark Lord of the Sith and a direct descendant of Darth Vader.[9] Shortly before the fall of her Sith Master, she lost the will to carry on as a Sith Lady and surrendered to the Jedi Order.[12] Neither Jedi or Sith, Veila took up a freelance role as a bounty hunter before[13] being recruited into the service of the Imperial Remnant as the personal bodyguard of Head of State Jagged Fel.[10]

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Tahiri Veila's grandfather[1]
Tryst Veila[2]
Cassa Veila[2]
Tahiri Veila
(adopted by Sliven)[3]

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On the basis of the information given in Junior Jedi Knights: Anakin's Quest, it is not possible to determine which one of Tahiri's parents is the child of the unidentified male Jedi in Tahiri's vision. According to the previous installment of the series, Junior Jedi Knights: Promises, Tryst Veila has green eyes, Cassa Veila has blond hair, and both are Force-sensitive, meaning both remain equally potential candidates. Consequently, it is also unknown whether the last name "Veila" is inherited from the Jedi's side of the family.


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