Vella Derwayne was a Human female Imperial Security Bureau Protocol Officer.


One of the first things Derwayne did when she entered a Sub-Adult Group Adolescent Training compound was to turn her parents in to the ISB for conspiracy against the New Order. She was awarded the Palpatine Cluster for academic excellence and graduated the top of her class.

At age 19, her first assignment was as a training officer in Motivation, handling juvenile delinquents from the Core Worlds. She had the best reforming rate of the sector, drawing accolades from the sector Moff. Derwayne was later transferred to Surveillance to keep an eye on military activities. She was assigned to a group of Imperial special operatives which operated for several years in the Inner Rim.

Personality and traitsEdit

Vella Derwayne was a 25 year old Human female. She had dark skin and piercing eyes. She spoke with a coolly modulated voice and had a dark sense of humor. In any conversation, she immediately asserted her position of power by controlling what was talked about, and what wasn't.