Velmorian energy swords, sometimes called Flameswords, were an ancient development in weaponry on the planet Velmor. They consisted of a basic sword powered by charged plasma similar to a lightsaber. The blade was slightly longer than a meter, with delicate whorls and patterns woven on to the metal. The weapon featured an ornate hilt. The charged blade was powered by a power cell in the hilt, with a pair of velmorite crystals used for focusing. While similar to the lightsaber of the Jedi Knights, the energy sword was not comparable in strength to the Jedi weapon, although it was deadly and precise. Lightsabers were also called energy swords, but the two weapons were considered distinct.

Energy swords had mainly ceremonial uses: Velmorian duel traditions settled disputes with energy swords. It could also be used in combat to deflect blaster bolts. Many were destroyed.