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"Again, you insult the Royal Margravine Abominelle, and on the eve of my wedding day! If we were on Vena, I should have you imprisoned."
―Margravine Abominelle to Han Solo[src]

The Venan royal family was the nobility that ruled Vena, as well as its system. Before the Clone Wars, the title used by the regent was Baron, but by the Galactic Civil War, the leader was designated Royal Margrave.

The family was known for its appetite for Mantellian Savrip meat.


Circa 57 BBY, the rise of Baron Kindoro and Baroness Omnino to power on Vena changed the system's historic position of isolationism. Due to the fact that Kindoro and Omnino had been both ambassadors to Coruscant and Alderaan, this contact with outsiders motivated an economic deregulation and the ratification of trade agreements, in order to make goods accessible to the Venan royal family. Since the Baron and his family controlled shipping, this course of action initially did not find resistance.[1]

However, this radical shift angered many Venans, who resented the fact that only the royal family was benefitting from the economic opening. The commoners, rallied as the Vena Isolationists, called for a return to their closed borders and old-fashioned values, in opposition to the extravagant lifestyles their rulers were adopting. The regents, unwilling to give in to popular demands, imprisoned the movement leaders and sent them to labor camps. This move aggravated tensions and motivated the manufacturing of weapons, emergence of terrorist attacks against Venan nobility and sabotaging of cargo ships.[1]

The conflict was worsened with the naturally-occurring death of Baron Kindoro, while traveling in Republic Space. Baroness Omnino proved herself even more unmerciful than her husband, as she set as her top priority the quelling of the insurrection. She waged bloody war for years against her subjects, who, although facing the Venan government, still wielded a good deal of political power.[1]

Omnino gave once a mind control device to land baron Taxer Sundown, so he could provide a continual supply of Mantellian Savrip meat to Vena, since it was considered a delicacy by the Venan royal family.[2]



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