The Venerable One or Megalith was the name given to an immense statue located on Er'stacia. It was worshiped by all clans of Er'stacians. The statue was sometimes referred to as Our Exalted Maker or Our Ancestral Divider and was considered the maker of the Er'stacian people.

The statue took the form of a giant Er'stacian who in the past had crawled from the primordial pool to conquer the land spaces.

The features of the statue were highly praised by the Er'stacians, citing the handsome visage, sinewy segments, unmarred limbs with their balance of rage and forgiveness, and lone claw with its pearl of wisdom as particular highlights.

Due to the deep rooted religious belief that the Er'stacian people had towards the megalith statue, wars would rage across the planets surface as the many clans fought to gain possession of it. This essentially meant that each and every clan on the planet was at war with one another as all were after the same goal. The Jedi Council sent Mace Windu to settle the dispute before the Er'stacian people wiped themselves out. Seeing no way to settle the conflict, Mace Windu destroyed the statue—shattering it into thousands of pieces. At which point the many clans hurried to gather a piece of the statue, which ended the conflict.