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This article is about the frigate. You may be looking for other uses of the word "vengeance".

The Vengeance-class frigate was a starship used by Tyber Zann and his criminal organization during the Galactic Civil War.



A Vengeance-class frigate engages its cloaking device in battle.

These ships had the ability to cloak using technology Zann bought from the black market. However, due to a side effect of this addition, the ships possessed no shields. To make up for it, they were equipped with extremely thick armor for protection. Because of this extra protection, it dramatically affected its speed, making it very slow.

Also, these ships were equipped with mass drivers, so their weapons would entirely bypass an enemy's ray shields and could overheat their cores to self-destruct if the situation called for it.


The Zann Consortium obtained these ships after it raided Bespin. Tyber used the extra tibanna from the raid to design these new ships, using plans he found in the first Death Star's wreckage.

Behind the scenesEdit

As with the Aggressor-class Star Destroyer, the Vengeance-class shares little with Imperial ship designs, bearing much more similarity with the Zann Consortium ships.



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