Venom assault trooper

A Venom assault trooper

Venom assault troopers were elite commandos that served with the Galactic Alliance Core Fleet during the Second Imperial Civil War. They were specialists in ship to ship boarding actions.

Deployed from Sabertooth-class assault/rescue vessels, Venom assault squads breached enemy vessels when their carrier used the "teeth" on the bow of the craft to latch onto opposing ships. Troopers would then pour into the captured ship from multiple breach points, subduing enemy resistance and securing objectives. Most Venom assault squads were permanently assigned to a single Sabertooth-class vessel.

Armor and equipmentEdit

Standard equipment included Venom Assault armor, which was vacuum-sealed powered armor with limited jump jet capability for maneuverability in zero gravity environments. Their weapons included blaster carbines and vibroswords, as well as stun, concussion and gas grenades. In addition, they used floating surveillance droids to scout out enemy positions or as programmable weapons platforms.

Known units that operated in the Core Fleet included Venom Zero and Redclaw Venom One.

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