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Venthan Chassu was a famous artist.


Chassu was a creator of many famous works of art. Thrawn was an admirer of his works, which included Selonian nude studies. Yet one particularly famous piece was Palpatine Triumphant, a holopainting that made Chassu famous on Coruscant. Following its completion, Chassu moved to the Vreni Island on Corellia. However, he still held resentment towards a critic named Faswald Vorsuble, who criticized Chassu's first showing, decades ago. For many years he had planned to teach the critic a lesson, but had never got around to it. Finally, during 1 ABY, Chassu encountered a spacer willing to help him seek vengeance. Chassu instructed the spacer to destroy Faswald's vacation home. Only then could Chassu live on in peace. Fortunately for him, the spacer carried out the task. Some time later, Venthan Chassu passed away. Palpatine Triumphant was the last piece of art he had ever made.

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Venthan Chassu appears as a Non-Player Character (NPC) in the MMORPG Star Wars Galaxies. In the game, Venthan resides in the Vreni Island settlement, and offers a quest to players. This quest asks the player to seek revenge against the critic who had ridiculed him, by destroying his vacation home. However, players are unable to actually perform the quest, because it was never fully implemented by the developers.


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