"These are the words of Vepon-Du. Mystic and master of nothing. This day I shall step from the Step of Harmony, my essence, my love, my life spilt. It is my death my visions scream for. My life that, if spared, will destroy Voss. Learn my words and know what it is to be Voss. I see my own death and I give all that I cherish. I am Voss. I do what must be done."
Writings of Vepon-Du[src]

Vepon-Du was a Voss Mystic living on Voss many years before the planet was discovered by the galactic society. He had a vision that required his own death, lest all of Voss be destroyed. Vepon-Du obeyed the vision and took a step from the Step of Harmony platform in Voss-Ka. The day of his death, Vepon-Du recorded his final thoughts in the Writings of Vepon-Du on a carving outside the Shrine of Healing in the Old Paths.