Veratil was a male t'landa Til priest who, with Teroenza, took part in the Ylesia operation masterminded by the Besadii Hutt clan during the Galactic Civil War.


When Han Solo first came to Ylesia, Veratil provided him a tour of their facilities. Veratil was occasionally given the task of delivering the Exultation at "religious revivals" around the galaxy with the intent to trick religious pilgrims into going to Ylesia, where they would unwittingly become slaves. At one such appearance he spotted Solo, who had previously destroyed a spice factory. With this information, he went straight to Teroenza, who imediatly ordered a bounty on young Solo. Veratil was killed during the Ylesian liberation when agents of Jabba Desilijic Tiure assassinated all the priests in preparation for the Rebel invasion known as the Battle of Ylesia. Armed mercenaries burst from the cover of the forests while Veratil was taking a mudbath and fired on him and his fellow t'landa Til. He died from a blaster shot to the eye.