The Verga Mer Mining Company (VMMC) was a localized mining company that primarily operated on the moon of Tilnes in the Cularin system. The company was founded by two Sullustans, Verga Nus and Mer Stodiz, in the days of the Galactic Republic.[1]

VMMC was the first company to succeed at a full year working on Tilnes, after establishing the first underground settlement there. This success led to the company getting a charter, the specifics of which angered their competitors and won them no friends, but helped VMMC become very successful as the dominant mining company on Tilnes.[1]

Verga Mer was notable for not employing any droids in their workforce. This was done primarily due to the nature of Tilnes sending out electromagnetic pulses a few times each year which shut down all droids on the moon (All the originally sent droids had left, except for advisor S-4QD). This lack of droids also served as a recruiting tool to attract citizens who were looking for work to the Cularin system.[1]

Having established successful relations with the baron administrators of Cularin's platform cities, Verga Mer attempted to expand their constituencies in the system to the floating cities of Genarius. Not being able to approach all of the cities simultaneously, they made enemies of the cities they approached later. The biggest mistake they made, however, was in not approaching crime lord Riboga the Hutt first. Although he was not angered at the oversight, he ignored all the five requests Verga Nus and Mer Stodiz made for an audience once they realized their mistake. Nirama outright refused them any audience when he took over from Riboga.[1]

For an unknown reason, VMMC's supply shipments were targeted heavily by the Cularin system's pirates. Their outbound shipments were not tampered with, however.[1]

After over thirty years of being in business together, Verga Nus and Mer Stodiz had started to become fed up with each other. They were known to lose their tempers and have heated verbal exchanges in public locations, throw objects at each other at meetings, and once even got into a fistfight in Gadrin.[1]

Around 32 BBY, the head of operations in the mines was Sullustan Hiem Bryl.[1]



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