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The Vergesso Asteroids, also known as the Vergesso Asteroid Field, were located in the Lybeya system of the Outer Rim Territories's Bajic sector.


Prior to the Battle of Yavin the Vergesso Asteroid Field was home to an Imperial cargo depot.

Named after the Corellian scientist Ecile Vergesso, they contained an Ororo Transportation shipyard used by the Rebel Alliance and other organizations. Cruisers and fighters were repaired and refitted in these yards unbeknownst to the local Grand Moff, Kintaro.

The Tenloss Syndicate built the shipyard in the Vergesso Asteroid, a nickel-iron asteroid the size of a small moon and pockmarked with craters. Sensors had difficulty trying to penetrate this asteroid field. The field was less violent than others and also easier to navigate.

Some time before the Battle of Endor the Galactic Empire learned of the Rebel operations in the asteroids. Darth Vader's Death Squadron destroyed the shipyard in the Battle of the Bajic Shipyards.




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