Verinos was a male Humanoid. At some point during galactic history, a group of spacers sought to capture Verinos, and he fled from them in his starship and set a course for the planet Giaca, in the Unknown Regions. However, the agents tracked him via a homing beacon that they had attached to his ship and when he arrived on Giaca, the spacers engaged him in a starship chase through Giaca's canyons and basaltic columns. Verinos' piloting abilities were not up to the task of navigating the columns and he crashed his vessel into a canyon wall. He escaped from the wrecked starship using a jetpack an he proceeded to fly to a small hideout in the center of a group of basalt columns, which had been occupied by a number of his allies. The spacers followed Verinos to the compound and they subsequently engaged the Humanoid and his allies in combat.


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