Verkul Seimbo was a Filordus who lived during the waning years of the Galactic Republic.


Seimbo worked for the Metatheran Cartel and in c. 31 BBY, he became the leader of a small consortium of Filordi within the Cartel, and met with the Human Alina Impeveri on Varna Biqua, to discuss entering a criminal partnership with her. After ironing out the details of their plan, Impeveri and Seimbo formed a criminal group that Impeveri dubbed the "Syndicate", and they established a base of operations inside the Ishkik caverns on the planet Cularin. Using his position within the Cartel, Seimbo supplied the Rock Rogues, a pirate group that he and Impeveri had hired, with details of Cartel shipping movements in the Cularin system, allowing the Rogues to attack Cartel starships and steal their cargo.