"Verkuyl will never attract the tourist trade, that's for sure."
―Daven Quarle, on Verkuyl's smell[src]

Verkuyl was a planet located within the Verkuyl system of the Outer Rim Territories where alazhi was grown.


The planet was bought by Corlin Quarle Deld, founder of Verkuylian BactaCo, the employees of which signed ten-year labor contracts. The company headquarters was on Dalos Peninsula. The company was nationalized by the Galactic Empire under Governor Parco Ein with the help of Corlin's grandson, Daven Quarle. In 3 ABY, GalFactorial bid to build a bacta refinery on the planet. The New Republic fleet liberated the world despite the earlier betrayal of New Republic Intelligence agents Claris, Major Cobb Vartos, and Selby Jarrad by Daven.



Notes and referencesEdit

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