General Vernan was the male Chief of Intelligence for the Alliance to Restore the Republic early in the Galactic Civil War.


General Vernan was the male Chief of Intelligence for the Alliance to Restore the Republic. During the Galactic Civil War, Vernan acted on information gathered to accurately predict that the Oplovis Fleet would attempt to put down a revolt on Mantooine in the Atrivis sector. This report was based on information acquired by a intelligence agent named Troomis that was analyzed by Captain Ioth of the Analysis branch. Further analysis by Commander Zgorth'sth from Intentions division provided the first inkling that Oplovis Fleet was about to act, and a surveillance droid confirmed that the fleet was on the move. Vernan sent Fleet Intelligence word, and Admiral Gial Ackbar led a battle line of three Alliance cruisers into the Generis system, ambushing and defeating the Oplovis fleet.[2]

Later during the war, Vernan expressed concern that Jin Lieutenant Dutra Zeneta had a death wish after requesting assignment as a Foster Agent so soon after completing his twentieth mission with Alliance Intelligence. Zeneta was a survivor of the Wellte-ir Massacre, but he convinced Alliance High Command to approve his request.[3] In 2 ABY, General Vernan was killed in action.[1]


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