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"Verpine choral arrangements. They don't sing, they just rub their legs together!"
―Sabine Wren, in her personal journal[src]

The Verpine[1] were a hive-based[2] sentient species[1] that controlled Verpine Roche Hive, a droid manufacturer that produced the 8D-series smelter droid.[2] Instead of singing, they rubbed their legs together to produce choral arrangements.[1] The Verpine were the namesake of the cruciform Verpine ratchet.[3]

Behind the scenesEdit

The Verpine first appeared in Star Wars 7: New Planets, New Perils!, the seventh issue of the original Legends series of Star Wars comics published by Marvel Comics,[4] which first went on sale on October 11, 1977.[5] The species became canon when it was mentioned in Star Wars Rebels: Sabine My Rebel Sketchbook, a young readers book that was written by Daniel Wallace as the in-universe journal of Sabine Wren,[1] which was first released on February 3, 2015.[6]


Notes and referencesEdit

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