The Versio family was a family of humans that originated on Vardos, a planet noted for its loyalty to the Galactic Empire. During the Age of the Empire, Garrick Versio held the rank of admiral in the Imperial Security Bureau. His wife, Zeehay Versio, was an artist who designed Imperial propaganda posters. The marriage produced a daughter, Iden Versio, but ultimately ended in divorce five years after Iden's birth. Following in her parents' example, Iden served the Empire as commander of the Imperial Special Forces commando unit Inferno Squad by the time of the Galactic Civil War.[1]

However, the family was further divided when Iden defected to the New Republic while her father continued to support the Empire. Although they fought against each other in the final battle of the war, Iden attempted to rescue Garrick, but the admiral insisted on going down with his Star Destroyer upon realizing that the battle was lost along with the Empire he served. After the war, Iden married her squadmate, Del Meeko and gave birth to a daughter named Zay. Approximately three decades later, both Meeko and Iden were killed during the rise of the First Order, leaving Zay as the only surviving member of the Versio family. Having joined the Resistance, Zay traveled to the Outer Rim Territories to recruit allies who would oppose the First Order's campaign to conquer of the galaxy.[2]

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Garrick Versio[1]
Zeehay Versio[1]
Iden Versio[1]
Del Meeko[2]


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